B&B in Residence of Cyprus ambassador in NL

Published: Jul 2 2015

Violence against women is a global problem. And therefore it is of the utmost importance that relief workers from development countries can be present at the 3rd World Conference of Women’s Shelters which will be held in The Hague from 3 to 6 November this year. At the initiative of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus, the international community in The Hague commits itself to supporting the relief workers financially and practically. One of the actions is that the Cypriot ambassador’s residence will be turned into a Bed & Breakfast for Cypriot relief workers.

Over 1,000 relief workers from all over the world have already registered the intention to attend the conference. Unfortunately, it is still uncertain for a large group whether they can really attend the conference due to a lack of financial resources. The international community in The Hague wants to change this. During the meeting, various initiatives were born to offer financial and practical help to the relief workers. For example, the residence of the Cypriot ambassador and his wife will be turned into a Bed & Breakfast during the conference. Relief workers from Cyprus can stay and have breakfast at the residence. This will help them to save on costs for accommodation. Other initiatives: People will cook for each other in exchange for money which will then be donated, there will be an art auction and participants in the conference can be “adopted”.


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