Embassies, NGOs and governments are united to stop violence against women

Published: May 10 2015

Embassies, NGOs and government received information on the 3rd World Conference of Women’s Shelters during the information session on April 21st. The meeting was well attended with more than 60 participants representing over 30 countries.

The number of people interested in the meeting underlines the importance of cooperation to end  violence against women and girls. Femke Halsema chaired the meeting which gave an introduction on the aims of the conference and its program. To enable aid workers with little financial means to participate, a call was made to embassies to support the conference in their own country and to encourage their government to pay attention to it.

Karsten Klein, deputy mayor of the Hague, is an ambassador of the conference and encourages collaboration between corporations, non profit organizations and governments. 

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