Introduction Package of Essential Services at 3rd World Conference of Women's Shelters

Published: Sep 8 2015

This package is part of the UN Joint Programme on Essential Services for Women and Girls subject to Violence (“the Joint Programme”) delivered by five UN Agencies (UN Women, UNFPA, WHO, UNDP and UNODC) and is aimed at responding to the critical gaps in and challenges of delivering quality services for women and girls experiencing violence. 

It seeks to develop:

i) a global-level framework and guidance specifying how to achieve greater access to essential services for all women and girls subject to violence; and,

ii) an internationally-defined package of quality guidelines for the provision of such services. The programme considers four key areas: health, police and justice (including legal aid), social services for support/protection (e.g. safe accommodation, psycho-social counselling, help lines), and coordination and governance.

The proposed workshop session aims to introduce the package of Essential Services and the corresponding guidelines to the participants, with an emphasis on guidelines relating to social services for protection, implementation support and recovery. The main objective is for participants to gain an insight into the agreed core elements and guidelines on social services for the support/protection of victims and survivors of violence, which ensure the effective implementation and delivery of quality coordinated social services regardless of how the services are funded or provided (i.e. either through non-government organisations or through government-run public services).

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