Published: Oct 13 2015

A performance installation by Adelheid Roosen

Dutch theatre maker Adelheid Roosen and her theatre companies Zinaplatform & Adelheid|Female Economy shun no subject in their work: honour killings, domestic violence, Alzheimer’s disease, sexuality in the Islamic world – everything can and must be presented in the public domain. Whirling through neighbourhoods and working with artists young and old, they meet new faces that become the inspiration for an ongoing quest aimed at changing the perspective that we have of the Other, the apparent stranger.

Together with nine students from the Acting school of Rotterdam, Adelheid moves with the Other, and they immerse themselves in the stories of violence against women across the globe. They met the women behind the stories by placing themselves in a women’s shelter in Rotterdam and discovering that what you encounter in the Other, you actually know yourself.
To flesh out these lives and experiences, a performance installation was created especially for the 3rd World Conference: Living Objects IV | Oikos.

The term Oikos is used to describe your close personal surroundings. It comprises a primary group that you, as an individual, consider your intimate circle of people with whom you spend quality time and share your life.
Within the context of their minor ‘Art in Social Action’, students become artists by relating their own lives to the personal stories of the women in the shelters and create from there. They broaden, share and immerse themselves into their own Oikos and that of the Other.

Living Object IV | Oikos will be shown from 4 - 6 November in the Great Hall of the Conference.

Concept and director | Adelheid Roosen
Production and artistic assistant | Lauren Rissik

Students | Esther de Ruiter, Dewi Kasmo, Doris Bagijn, Frank van Zuijlen, Laura Peters, Jim van den Bliek, Michaëla Muller, Marco van ’t Wout, Bas van den Brink
Coproduction | Adelheid|Female Economy, Zinaplatform

Our special thanks go to Stichting Arosa, Ilay den Boer and all the graceful people who were willing to be interviewed.

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