Surprise your mom with Red-Heart jewellery on Mother’s day

Published: Apr 26 2015

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Mother’s Day is on the 10th of May this year: a perfect time to celebrate your mum. Still looking for a unique piece of jewellery that she will appreciate and that supports a good cause? How about a gift right from the heart! By buying a piece of Red-Heart jewellery, you support aid workers who do not have the financial means to visit the 3rd World Conference of Women’s Shelters in The Hague. Additionally, you support survivors of violence against women in Tunisia.

Violence against women and girls is a huge problem. Globally, one in every three women is affected by it at some point in her life. Therefore, to tackle this problem, the exchange of knowledge on this subject and strengthening and expanding the global network is crucial. It is important that all aid workers from developing countries who work in the women’s shelter sector get the opportunity to participate in this conference. The fair trade jewellery is designed by the Italian artist Caterina Occhio and is made by women in Tunisia that are now economically independent. Have a heart and delight your mother with a Red-Heart piece of jewellery. Jewellery can be ordered at click here. 

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