The objectives are characterised by the motto of the conference: Connect & Act. The issue of violence against women is complex and requires extensive cooperation. Interlinking of cooperating organisations, scientists, governments, business community, etc. is essential for an effective approach to violence. The World Conference of Women's Shelters in the Netherlands is meant to provide incentive for parties to come together, exchange knowledge and experience, strengthen existing alliances and promote new ones.

A. Exchange knowledge and experience
Reinforce an effective approach to reducing and eliminating violence against women and domestic violence by sharing knowledge and experiences:

  • Exchange expertise on different forms of violence against women including trafficking of women, violence against women in conflict area and sexual violence.
  • Share knowledge about innovative developments and best practices for example in the field of online help.
  • Exchange methodologies for empowering women, as well as strategies for promoting equality between men and women and strengthening the economic condition of women.
  • Share experiences in setting up and managing women's organisations.

B. Strengthen women's shelters and the Global network
Strengthen the Global Network of Women's Shelters and regional networks, along with their contribution to a systematic approach to violence against women and girls, by formalising and extending the network. Strengthen the position of women's shelters and the cooperation with others.

C. Promote international cooperation and international projects
Launch international projects and initiatives to support women's shelters and to address the elimination of violence, and connect these to existing programs and initiatives at national, regional and global levels.

D. Form a broad coalition with government and the business community
Make governments and international organisations aware of the problem of violence against women and children and domestic violence (agenda setting) and their responsibilities in this regard. This coalition will be encouraged  to take an accelerated, coordinated and systematic action to stop and prevent violence against women and girls.

Involve businesses in women's shelters, the approach to and prevention of violence against women and domestic violence, and make them aware of their own responsibility in helping to prevent and address violence.

E. Generate awareness in the wider community and public arena 
Awareness among the general public about the incidence of violence against women and domestic violence and the impact on children (consciousness raising / primary prevention).