Project team

  • Claudy te Boome – project leader 
    Claudy is working as senior manager at EY and has 10 years of experience in management of international projects and events. Her main drive to be involved in this initiative is that the conference is a unique opportunity for awareness raising among the wider public and business about the seriousness and impact of violence against women. Claudy is responsible for the overall coordination and organisation in close cooperation with professional conference organiser Kuiters idea and organisation and PR and communications agency HvdM. She is also the point of contact for sponsorship enquires.

  • Contact: Claudy
  • Riekje Kok – expert on Women’s Shelters and violence against women
    Riekje has been involved in prevention and combatting of violence against women throughout her whole career. Until recently Riekje has been executive director of Stichting Toevluchtsoord (now Het Kopland), an organisation combatting domestic violence, with all kind of services - including several women's shelters. Riekje is one of the founders of the Global Network of Women’s Shelters in 2008.

  • Contact: Riekje
  • Liesbeth van Bemmel – expert on Women’s Shelters and violence against women
    Since 2006 Liesbeth is senior policy maker and project manager at the Dutch Federation of Shelters, the umbrella organisation for women's and social shelter organisations in the Netherlands. She developed a nationwide improvement plan for the women’s shelters that has been implemented successfully, financed by the ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. Liesbeth started working on the eradication of domestic violence in 1984 as one of the founders of a shelter for girls (run-away-home).

  • Contact: Liesbeth

Riekje, Liesbeth and Claudy are responsible for the international network of partners and ambassadors, for programme enquiries and reaching out to participants and speakers.